The ultimate Tableau prototyping tool

The Tableau UI Kit is the easiest and most flexible way to prototype Tableau dashboards. Take your analytics workflow to the next level, implement brand guidelines and save thousands of hours.

All in one.
Meticulously crafted.

Here to help you

Having a great user experience
is mandatory, not an option

Prototyping is cumbersome.
But it doesn't have to be.

Take the step towards rapid prototyping; match brand guidelines, save thousands of hours and take your analytics workflow to the next level.

Flexible and easy to use

The Tableau UI Kit is built with 80+ components and 1,000+ variants. Allowing you the flexibility to create what you want; all within a few clicks.

Drag and Drop

Easily pull in the design components you want with simple drag and drop functionality.


Default component not what you want? That’s alright, use the variants for more fine tuning.

One to one match

Feel confident your prototypes will actually look like Tableau. All assets matched as closely as possible.


All components and variants are completely responsive. So make them as large or small as you’d like.

Get started with expertly crafted examples

Don't know where to start? Need some inspiration? Look no further than the included pre-built examples. The perfect starting place for any new project.

Fit to your brand

Easily customize the included styles to match your own brand guidelines

Change styles in a few clicks

Tableau UI Kit is built with 1,000+ different styles. Easily change any of the styles to match your brand, then watch as it applies across the entire kit.

Consistent designs

Feel at ease knowing developers will design consistently for all dashboards going forward.


Having a single source of truth for reference is essential when designing dashboards consistently.

Style recommendations

Don’t have any brand guidelines? No problem, just use the meticulously crafted default styles.


Want to create your own brand guidelines? Use the 80+ beautiful palettes to get started.

Follow best practices

The Tableau UI Kit comes bundled with spec sheets that help teams document brand guidelines. Not only are you getting beautiful pre-built components. But you're also getting resources that enable your team to follow best practices.

What are customers saying about the Kit?

"If you're looking for something to make design quicker, with set standards which aligns perfectly with Tableau, check this out. Robert has built a great product that saves teams a lot of time"

David Pires @ expediagroup

"My team and I have been using the Kit for a few months now and it's been extremely helpful for engagements with clients. It's streamlined our process and helped save time for ourselves and our clients."

Katie Wilson @ Rising Tides Analytics

"Tableau UI Kit has been an extremely helpful tool on the wireframing process for our dashboards. Even the less experienced Figma users were able to create their first wireframes very quickly."

Francisco Cardoso @ JLL

Tableau UI Kit can
help teams of all sizes


For solo designers
(one editor)
$99 One time
  • Free lifetime updates
  • 80+ Components
  • 1,000+ Variants
  • 1,000+ Styles
  • 2,000+ Icons
  • 2,200+ Dashboard Layouts
  • 6 How-To-Videos


For teams with multiple designers
(up to 3 editors)
$199One time
  • Free lifetime updates
  • 80+ Components
  • 1,000+ Variants
  • 1,000+ Styles
  • 2,000+ Icons
  • 2,200+ Dashboard Layouts
  • 6 How-To-Videos


For companies, agencies, large teams
(no cap on editors)
$349One time
  • Free lifetime updates
  • 80+ Components
  • 1,000+ Variants
  • 1,000+ Styles
  • 2,000+ Icons
  • 2,200+ Dashboard Layouts
  • 6 How-To-Videos


Do I need Figma for this Kit?

Yes, this is a UI Kit built in Figma. You can check out the figma plans here (there's a free version).

Do I need to know how to use Figma?

Although deep understanding of Figma is not needed, a basic understanding would be beneficial. This kit has more to do with "How do I use the Tableau UI Kit" and not "How do I use Figma". Learn More

How do I import the design file after purchase?

After purchasing, you'll be able to download and unzip the Figma file. Drag and drop the file into your Figma “Project” page or your “Drafts” page.

What does "lifetime access" actually mean?

Once you have purchased the kit, you will have access to all of the future updates, free of charge. I'll let you know when updates and improvements are made. You can download new updates from your Gumroad account.

Is payment secure?

Gumroad handles the tricky payment process. They use secure 128-bit SSL encrypted payments, so you're safe!

Is it a one-time payment?

Yes, pay once and that's it! No recurring charges or surprises.

How do I download a new update?

In your Gumroad Library, select the “Tableau UI Kit” product card, then select “download”.

Can I get an invoice?

Yes! Click the "Generate" button on your receipt from Gumroad after you purchase and you can generate a detailed invoice with any additional information you need